Tübingen MAYDAY-PARADE for Global Social Rights

Wednesday, 30. April 08, Start 18.00 Panzerhalle/Französisches Viertel, Aixer Straße, Tübingen

Like last year, the Tübingen MAYDAY-PARADE for global social rights will take place in the evening before the First of May. It will start at 6pm near Panzerhalle in the French quarter, and will move with Music- and thematic trucks, theatre and performances through the South towards the Old Town, where it will finish at 10pm at the Haagtorplatz. The parade is inspired by the political beginnings of carnival, by self-organised critical raves and parties, by the colourful protests of the social movements critical of globalisation and the summit protests of previous years. It is also inspired by the Euro-Mayday-Parades ( http://www.euromayday.org/ ), which are taking place in many european cities on the First of May. Since 2001, not only classical workers are taking the streets, but also those who are affected in very different ways by precarisation and insecure conditions of work and live. The parade demands social rights for all human beings worldwide, and will demonstrate with music- and thematic trucks: Another world is possible! In Tübingen, many cultural and political initiatives and individuals will contribute to the parade.

The call for the parade can be found under:

Reports and photos from last year's Mayday.Parade in Tübingen:
http://germany.indymedia.org/2007/05/175163.shtml and

Updates and additional informationen about this year's contribution will be published in the coming weeks under:

Mayday Parade Tübingen 2010

Die Verhältnisse zum Tanzen bringen

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Hallo Carla, dieses Jahr...
Hallo Carla, dieses Jahr gibt es leider keine Mayday...
frederic - 20. Apr, 21:02
Euromayday 2011
Hallo, gibt es denn dieses Jahr wieder eine Mayday...
Carla Bareis - 20. Apr, 14:25
Bilder von 2010
Hier ein paar Bilder in Handy-Kamera Qualität....
fabian - 2. Mai, 11:42
Aufruf zur Tübinger...
Freitag, 30. April 2010, 18:30 Uhr, Tübingen,...
frederic - 22. Apr, 14:29
bitte Link eintragen
Hallo, wir würden gerne auch in eure Liste eingetragen...
Ini-Tübingen - 14. Apr, 14:03



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